Trauma Insurance


Prepare you financially in case of serious illness so that you and your family member can concentrate only on your recovery.

Whenever you fall ill critically and are not able to go to the work, you will be paid a lump sum amount for your treatment.

Trauma insurance will ease the financial issues in case of critical illness.

It covers a list of physical illness conditions for which you will be paid a lump sum amount as per your insurance plan.

Any serious medical condition may strike you anytime and if it happens it will make a great adverse impact on your financial condition. In such situation, trauma insurance plan will help you ease the unexpected huge medical costs and the loss of income as well. If you don’t have financial burden during your medical emergency, you and your family can focus on recovering rather than worrying about your financial situation.

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Prepare yourself for any unforeseen medical conditions without making a great impact on your bank.

Worldwide cover

Wherever you are, at home or travelling or in any other country; the trauma insurance will help in medical situation.

Severe Illness or injury

If you suffer from a critical medical condition which is not specified in the policy but satisfies the terms of severe illness or injury; you will get protection.

Premium benefit suspension

You can suspend your trauma insurance for up to 12 months in certain cases. You cannot claim for any benefits for any medical condition during and after this period.

Return Home

If you are outside of New Zealand and fall critically ill there, you can access help to return home with one support person.