Income Protection


When you are not able to earn money for your daily life spends then this insurance will help you maintain your lifestyle.

Don’t put your family in financial trouble when you are not able to earn money because of illness, injury, accident, or mental health issue.

You will get monthly benefit if you get permanent disability and are able to work for which you are trained or experienced. Make your family stronger by protecting them with consistent income assurance.

Have you ever thought as to what will happen if you fall ill (mentally or physically) or get injured to that extent where you are not able to go to work? How will you manage your life expenditure without any income? These unforeseen situations may happen anytime and you must prepare yourself for such a situation. A right Income protection insurance will support you and your family in such adverse situation.

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Create a backup for your monthly income in case you would not be able to do work in your own occupation.

Total disability income benefit

You will get a fixed monthly payment in case you get totally disabled due to illness or injury or disease till the time you are no longer totally disabled.

Partial disability income benefit

You will get the monthly income benefits in case you get partially disabled until you get back to the normal.

Rehabilitation and support

We will work closely with you to understand your situation better and help you accordingly to help you recover.

Bed confinement benefits

In the event, you are confined to bed for fulltime care for more than a certain period of time then you will be paid with the benefits.