Helping you with the money-saving insurance plans that suit you the most.

We carefully weigh up various insurance plans to come up with the perfect one
for your requirements.

We understand that arranging and assessing the insurance is a complex and time-
consuming process. Don’t worry, Ather Holding is here to help you, share your
requirements and we will do all the juggling for you.
Impartiality is our trait, as we work for you, not for the insurance company. Our first
priority is to help you with the selection of the right insurance plan, risk management,
insurance claiming process, get you the right coverage, and negotiation of premium


Get specialized solutions

Insurance adviser are subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge of terms & conditions, coverage, exclusions, risk management, etc. They will help you understand the complex insurance plan and explain to you all situations that you must know.

Plethora of options

An insurance adviser has a plethora of options for insurance plans as they are connected with various companies. You will find many options which you cannot find with most of the consumers. So you will get everything under one roof.

Insights for Right decisions

Loads of choice will create confusion but you don’t have to worry. We will help you by understanding your requirements and explaining the various policies. With a better understanding of problems and goals, you will be able to choose the right one.

Customized insurance programs

A financial adviser will help you with the customized insurance plan along with the risk management program that caters to your various needs regarding personal as well as business. They will do everything from planning to negotiation with the policy companies on behalf of you.

Excellent Risk Management program

A financial adviser understands every situation better than you and thus helps you in risk management program along with minimizing the loss on you or your business.

They are impartial

Advisers remain impartial. You can trust their opinion and honest advice. As they have good knowledge of almost all insurance plans, they can suggest you better about any risk and loophole on the coverage. You can consider them as an extension of your business too.


Mohammad Ather has years of experience in the insurance industry as he has been in this industry since 2002. After gaining an in-depth understanding and knowledge of this industry while working with a multinational insurance company as a Senior Sales Manager, he moved ahead to serve people in a more effective way. So he came up with the idea of Ather Holdings, where he is helping people to get insured with the right plan.

He has comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in commercial, personal, and rural lines of insurance. Thus, you can expect concise insurance advice on business as well as personal risk. Mohammad is helping everyone by providing the most suited insurance plan solution for family and business after a thorough understanding of your requirements and problems.

Apart from work, he is an avid cricket fan but also loves to watch other sports as well. He also loves to enjoy himself with family, friends, fishing, and outdoors.