Total and permanent disability insurance


Making your life little easier and tension free in case you get total or permanently disabled.

Life is uncertain and you must prepare yourself for any unforeseen situations. It is true that your good health condition is not permanent.

Total and permanent disability insurance plan will help you financially when you become total and permanently disabled due to any illness or injury or disease and are not able to do your work.

Permanent or partial disablement is more painful in terms of finance. It does not only affect the regular earning capability but also increases the day-to-day requirements such as food, cloths, treatment, transportation, communication, and so on. Your expenses become more with no source of income that would be enough to make your life hell. Save yourself from such unexpected condition with this insurance plan.

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With a comprehensive range of benefits, this insurance policy will ease your difficult financial conditions.

Partial permanent disability benefit

You will be paid with a part of total permanent disability benefit amount in the event you suffer a partial permanent disability as stated in the policy.

Counseling benefit

Get support for consulting any psychiatrist or psychologist or counseling to help you recover easily.

Assistance benefit

Get benefits for any kind of assistance that will be necessary to make your life easier such as home alterations or modifications for your vehicles, etc.

Financial and legal Advice

Get support for financial and legal advice services to pay the fees to the legal professionals.