Life Insurance


That will take care of your loved one’s life after you. Save them from unforeseen situations

Don’t leave your loved one in financial crisis after you. Secure their future by investing a little amount in life insurance.

An unexpected and undesirable incident can happen in life at any time. You can ease those painful moments for your loved ones and family members by investing small amount of lump sum in life insurance plan. We apprehend that nothing can fill the void space created by you; the small amount of money can ease their difficult life after you.

If you have someone in your life that depends on you financially, then you should consider life insurance plan to help them financially after your demise. A lump sum amount will be provided to the beneficiary that can be used for mortgage payments, children education, loan repayment, living costs, etc.

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Desire to make your life happier by securing your loved one’s future even when you are not with them.

Life Cover

The beneficiary will get a lump sum amount, if the insurer dies from illness or accident or natural causes or any other reasons, except from self harm (suicide).

Terminal Illness Benefit

In case of seriously illness which cannot be cured and will result in death of the insurer within 12 months; the insurer can apply for early payment of the lump sum amount.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement support will be the partial payment of the life cover benefits that will be paid to the beneficiary immediately after the death of the insurer.

Parent Grieving Benefit

Without reducing the benefits of the Life cover, some amount will be paid to the insurer in case the child of the insurer dies before the age of 21.