Kiwi Saver


Save more than enough to make your retirement comfortable in simple and easy way.

Are you sure, you are saving enough for your retirement days? Do you have a strong financial backup plan after your retirement?

If not then Kiwi Saver plan will help you save a good amount of money for your future. You can contribute a little amount from your earnings towards this saving scheme that can be withdrawn before retirement as well.

Whether you have a big plan for future such as home purchasing or any financial crisis situation that might strike you, you can use money from kiwi saver account. You just need to put 3%, 4%, 6%, 8%, or 10% of your income for this plan. You will also get government and your employer top ups as well. So with little but consistent contribution from your earned money, you can save big for your future.

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A government initiative to encourage you to save for your retirement and other future financial requirements.

Kiwi saver for kids

Enroll your kids for his Kiwi Saver account in which you can make a small amount of contribution for your kids.

Kiwi Saver for you

Contribute a little percentage from your gross salary which will be added with the government and your employer contributions.

Early withdrawal

You can withdraw any amount of money from your Kiwi saver account before retirement as well for any requirements such as buying a house, etc.

Saving Suspension

In case of any emergency, you can apply for saving suspension up to 12 months but only after consistent payment for 12 months.